The Judo culture

treat judo as a culture: physical, mental and moral, but since it is based on the art of attack and defense, I will first explain what this competition judo is…

The mind and the body

…according to the principle of the maximum efficiency of the use of mind and body. The entire fabric of the art and science of judo is built on this principle.

Ethics and Morality

As for the moral part of judo – not to mention the discipline of the training room, which includes following the rules of etiquette, courage and perseverance, kindness and respect for others, impartiality and fair play, which Westerners emphasize so much. athletic training, – in Japan, judo is of particular importance….

Jigoro Kano

(嘉納 治五郎, 1860. december 10. – 1938. május 4.)

Japanese instructor, athlete, founder of judo source: Wikipedia

The conditioning and coordination preparation of judo, the direct physical contact, action-reaction feedback system, the space-time, vertical and horizontal location and technical work of judo, provide young children with an irreplaceable foundation for nervous system and muscle development, which will be healthy throughout their lives. and it can provide the basis for an outlook on life.

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